The VISION Project

Lead Researcher: Jeffrey Buckley
Supervisors: Dr Niall Seery and Dr Donal Canty



Considering the substantial degree of empirical evidence illustrating the significant correlation between spatial ability and STEM education disciplines, the aim of the VISION project is to investigate the interaction between spatial cognition and STEM educational activity. The project involves both basic and applied research and adopts conceptual frameworks from various ontologies within human intelligence research.

There are a number of areas of interest within the project including:

  • The relationships between spatial ability, domain-free general cognitive factors, and fluid intelligence
  • The natural and targeted development of spatial skills
  • The variances observed in levels of spatial skill attainment
  • The effects that levels of spatial skill attainment have on academic performance and task-induced mental effort
  • The ecological selection of externalisation strategies during problem solving relative to levels of spatial ability
  • The effects of cognitive strategy on performance in psychometric tests of spatial ability
  • The factor structure of spatial cognition

One outcome of the VISION project aspiring to aid in translating the pertinent findings into practice is the VISION Test Centre. The test centre is a bespoke online testing environment housing a selection of psychometric tests used within the VISION project and is available for use by collaborating researchers and practitioners. The nature of the tests offered within the test centre is tailored to suit the needs of the user. A map showing institutions which have engaged with the test centre is shown below. People who are interested in collaborating with the research team in an area similar to this project can contact to arrange access and a suitable setup. The VISION Test Centre is accessible through the link at the bottom of the page.