The ENACT Project
Examining Natural Alternations in Cognition and Thinking

Lead Researcher: Joseph Phelan
Supervisors: Dr Donal Canty and Dr Niall Seery


As a response to the acknowledged need for a greater understanding of Designerly Thinking, the ENACT project is intent on examining the cognitive processes which govern its enactment. There is a broad consensus as to the observed nature of designerly thinking which evokes internal (cognitive) and external (physical) modeling as a medium to contend with the pervasive uncertainty of design activity. This project aims to utilise perspectives from the discipline of cognitive psychology to ensure use-inspired basic research defines the agenda. Cognitive psychology as a discipline has developed sophisticated methods of interpreting and understanding cognitive processes and it is posited that this project can benefit these advances to further understanding of the cognitive processes which underpin designerly thinking. This project is intent on examining why designerly activity is observed to be enacted in the way it is through empirical methods.