DALTA Design Challenge

DALTA Design Challenge

The ‘DALTA Design Challenge’ was conceived with the agenda of affording both teachers and students the opportunity to engage in a novel and tangible design brief which both inspires innovative ideas and is adaptable as a learning experience. The ‘DALTA Design Challenge’ can be approached from the perspective of any discipline within Design and Technology education and students can decide to keep their ideas conceptual or to externalise these ideas into CAD models or physical artifacts. Solutions to the challenge can then be assessed through Adaptive Comparative Judgements (ACJ) and this experience can be used to inform and enhance teaching and learning activities.

The Brief

The animal kingdom demonstrates many wonderful ways in which animals evolve and adapt to their environment. Observing animals in these environments often reveals how this adaptation has not just happened by chance.

Design a bird feeder to explore the intelligence of birds.

Inspiration: Secret Agent Squirrel