Portfolio Submission

To earn any of the Soft Skill badges included in the ASSIST project, you must submit a portfolio of evidence relative to the badge you which to attain. This evidence is then assessed by the ASSIST project team.

When submitting evidence, it is important that you submit an individual portfolio for each badge you are trying to get. You need to submit a portfolio which contains evidence of you demonstrating the Soft Skill and evidence or recognition from your peers that you have demonstrated the skill. It is up to you to determine how much evidence needs to be in the portfolio based on the quality of evidence you are presenting. However feedback will be provided on your submission to guide you should you need to submit additional evidence.

To accommodate multi-modal evidence, portfolios must be submitted as an email attachment by clicking the button below. This will open up a new email to the ASSIST project team if you have an email client installed on your computer. Alternatively you can use this email address if you are not on a personal computer: assistprojectul@gmail.com

The submission of any file type is allowed although it is advisable that your portfolio is combined into one document to ensure a coherency in your evidence. Files which cannot be linked into a document should be submitted as appendices in the email and discussed in the main portfolio.