Call for Papers

The PATT36 Conference Theme is:

Research and Practice in Technology Education: Perspectives on Human Capacity and Development

Authors are invited to submit papers with particular consideration of one of the following sub-themes:

  • Cultivating Imagination and Innovation
  • Learning through Design and Make
  • Driving Social Change

An abstract (maximum 300 words) is due for submission no later than 12th January 2018 (18:00 GMT).

Full papers (maximum 3000 words, excluding title, abstract, key words, tables, figures, and references) are due for submission no later than 20th June 2018 (18:00 GMT).

Abstracts and papers must be submitted in PDF format through the EasyChair system at the following link:

For abstract submissions with references, please do not include the reference list in the text box, only include this in the attached PDF to ensure the reference list is not included in the word count.

For full paper submissions, select your submission from the menu bar (typically called “submission 1”, “submission 2”, etc.) and edit this submission rather than creating a new submission.

A more detailed schedule of the conference timeline is presented below.

MS Words templates are also provided to support authors in formatting their papers for the conference proceedings.

Click on the MS Word icons below to download a template for writing your conference papers.

Please click the icon to the left to download the abstract template.
Please click the icon the the left to download the full paper template.
If you have any further queries please contact:
Conference Chair: Dr Niall Seery (
Programme Chair: Dr Donal Canty (
Joe Phelan (
Jeff Buckley (