34th Pupils’ Attitudes Towards Technology Conference

Date: 10th – 14th July 2017
Venue: Philadelphia

The 34th pupils’ attitudes towards technology saw five paper presentations from TERG members Niall Seery, Donal Canty, Jeffrey Buckley, Joe Phelan and Andrew Doyle.

Niall presented on 
‘Illustrating Educational Development Through Ipsative Performance in Design Based Education’ (co-authors: Donal Canty, & Jeffrey Buckley) which demonstrated the potential of ACJ in aiding the development of a students’ individual performance through repeated engagement in ACJ judging sessions of peers.

Donal’s paper, 
‘Integrating Peer Assessment in Technology Education through Adaptive Comparative Judgment’ (co-authors: Niall Seery, Eva Hartell & Andrew Doyle) highlighted the effectiveness of ACJ when embedded as assessment as learning by getting students to make judgments of their peers’ work.

Jeff presented his PhD research, ‘
An Exploratory Analysis into the Relationships between Spatial Factors, Domain-Free General Capacities and General Fluid Intelligence’  (co-authors Niall Seery, Donal Canty and John McGuinness) which spoke to the utility of such research in affording the translation of cognitive factors into STEM educational practices.

Joe presented the first paper of his PhD research outlining 
‘A Proposed Research Agenda for Investigating the Nature of Designerly Thinking in Action’ (co-authors: Jeffrey Buckley, Donal Canty & Niall Seery) which speculates on the affordances of cognitive psychology in the investigation of designerly activity.

Andrew presented on his paper looking at 
‘Professional Continuity: Investigating the Alignment of Technology Teachers’ Internal Capability Constructs’ (co-authors , Niall Seery, & Donal Canty) which demonstrates the capacity of ACJ to capture teachers’ constructs of capability based on their judgment of student work in D&T.

Presentations from TERG members

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